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Houji cha Powder

Houji cha Powder


The Hojicha Powder is made from finely ground roasted green tea. The tea leaves are roasted gently to create characteristic Japanese tea flavor. And it is finely grounded to fine powder for perfectly dissolves to make rich Houjicha taste.

It is the ideal ingredient for making both sweet and savory recipes, and can be used in Hojicha lattes, bubble tea, ice cream, and a variety of baked dessert.  Our Houjicha powder contains no additives and is made with only the first harvesting of the tea leaves without using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizer. It is safe to take the entire tea leaves, and so you benefit from all their nutrients!

  • specification


    Sweetness ★

    Astringent ★★★

    Bitterness ★★

    Aroma ★★★

    50g per bag

    Type: Green Tea.

    Cultivar: Yabukita.

    Caffeine level: Low.

    Region: Honyama Shizuoka Japan.

    Produced by Yoshio Moriuchi.


    Packaging: exterior package is designed with Japanese pattern, stand up design, self-sealing zipper.

    Please note: Details and colours of the images might be slightly different from ones of the real product, depending on the type of monitor, the light condition and the computer or device being used to view the product.

  • Moriuchi Tea Farm

    Moriuchi Tea Farm produces their teas with a rich aroma and refined taste using their deep knowledges and professional skills. They have been given a lot of awards at tea competitions. And this tea farm received the designation as the Imperial Court Tea Farm in 2002.
    Enjoy our tea from Moriuchi Tea farm who runs the 150-year-old farm. 

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