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Kamairi cha Benifuuki Tea Bags

Kamairi cha Benifuuki Tea Bags


Introducing Kamairi cha Benifuuki Tea Bags, a high quality Japanese green tea made from the Benifuuki cultivar of the tea plant. Studies have shown that this tea can help relieve seasonal allergies, hay fever, and cedar allergies.Pleasant astringency taste and the characteristic roasted flavor that brought about by the Kamairi cha processing technique used by Yoshio Moriuchi. This is a healthy tea that offers a unique taste experience. Enjoy the goodness of Benifuuki in every sip with these premium tea bags.

  • information


    Sweetness ★★

    Astringent ★★★

    Bitterness ★★

    Aroma ★★★

    20g total (10bag/2g per bag)

    Type: Green Tea.

    Cultivar: Yabukita.

    Caffeine level: Midium.

    Region: Honyama Shizuoka Japan.

    Produced by Yoshio Moriuchi.


    Packaging: exterior package is designed with Japanese pattern, stand up design, self-sealing zipper.

    Our tea bags are special-designed Pyramid nylon bag, which does not affect the flavour, is allow the tea leaves to open up fully to get the best aroma and taste out of tea.

  • How to Enjoy

    🏷 Place the 1 tea bag in your teacup.

    🌡Temp 90℃, 194°F.

    🍵 Pour the 150ml hot water over the tea bag in your teacup.

    ⏰ Brew 2min. Gently take a tea bag out. (Do not shake the bag up and down in the cup.)

    You can Brew tea 2-3 times with hot water. Of cause, the 2nd or 3rd brewing tastes would be weaker and milder than 1st brewing.

    🍵Best way to extract methylated catechins.🍵

    1. Place the 1 tea bag in your pot.

    2. Fill the pot with the 500ml cold water and bring it to a boil.

    3. Put lid on and keep boiling 3min.

    4. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down.

    5. Take a tea bag out and store in the fridge.

  • Moriuchi Tea Farm

    Moriuchi Tea Farm produces their teas with a rich aroma and refined taste using their deep knowledges and professional skills. They have been given a lot of awards at tea competitions. And this tea farm received the designation as the Imperial Court Tea Farm in 2002.
    Enjoy our tea from Moriuchi Tea farm who runs the 150-year-old farm. 

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