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Straw Blue Tea Cup  (Capacity 210ml)

Straw Blue Tea Cup (Capacity 210ml)


The Japanese tea cup is called "Yunomi" made for daily tea drinking. This traditional designed yunomi is easy to hold. The beautiful flare curve of the rim enhances the tea flavour when your lips touch the yunomi. It's good start to have your own yunomi to enjoy the Japanese green tea. This pottery is from Mino, Gifu prefecture. 

  • Mino pottery

    The history of Mino-yaki is old and dates back to more than 1300 years.
    At first the technique was introduced from the Korea during the Heian period (the 10th century).From the Azuchi Momoyama period to the early Edo period, a pottery was produced that reflects the preference of the tea master as well as the popularity of tea ceremony.

  • specification

    Dimensions: 7.5x 8cm

    Capacity: 210 ml

    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Material / component: porcelain ・Mino Ware

    Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

  • Please note

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