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Open Kyusu Ginsai   銀採 (Capacity 320ml)

Open Kyusu Ginsai 銀採 (Capacity 320ml)


The open kyusu Ginsai is made by Tokoname yaki.

Tokoname is the most famous region for making Kyusu.

This unique Kyusu doesn't have a lid. There are some reasons for this.

1: You can see the expanding tea leaves well during brewing.
2: You can see the amount of hot water.
3: Prevent to overflow tea leaves by shape.
4: It is easy to wash.
5: After pouring the tea, it cools down the tea leaves quickly, so you can enjoy taste second and thrid brew.

  • Tokoname Yaki

    Brewed tea in Tokoname ware is said to become a mellow taste with less astringency and bitterness. Because the iron oxide contained in the Tokoname ware reacts with the tannins of tea to remove the unpleasant taste. also adsorbs the extra components contained in the tea.
    If it is properly maintained and using Tokoname Kyusu long time, tea taste will be better and better.
    Please use Tokoname tea pod carefully and enjoy more delicious tea.

  • specification

    Dimensions 320cc

    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Material / component: Pottery

    Package: Cardboard box

    No dishwasher/ No microwave/ No oven

    Do not use over direct heat.

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