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Cha Den wants to make your Japanese tea close to you.

Delivering real taste of Japanese tea, Also Happiness and Healthiness.

Enjoy drinking tea in your daily life.

Let's drink Japanese tea!!

Do you want to know more Japanese tea?  I am happy to have you my Japanese tea class. 

Enjoy experience and learn taste of Japanese tea with your friends.

Please contact us!!


Nihon-cha Instructor

Japanese tea instructor is a qualification certified by the NPO Japan Tea Instructor Association.
Tea instructor who has a high level of knowledge and skills in all aspects of Japanese tea, and is qualified to instruct consumers and beginner instructors (Japanese tea advisors).


Japanese Tea

Tea has been developed and changed style and taste in long Japanese history.  We value nature and natural flavor. we developed steaming process to  protect the natural taste. Enjoying strong Umami, balanced out Umami, Sweetness, Astringency and Bitterness are characteristic of Japanese tea.

Try our Japanese Tea.


Tea Accessory

Japanese tea cultre has been connected with Japanese culture very closely, traditional tea ware as well.
Combined traditional crafts and Japanese culture has been developed into a  unique Japanese tea culture. Tea ware has been manufactured for making up  Japanese tea delicious and enjoyable. 

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