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50 Grams

Our organic certified Matcha is a ceremonial grade powder by stone mill that boasts a full-bodied, creamy flavor and vivid green color. This high grade Matcha is made by blending two cultivars - Yabukita from Kawane, Shizuoka and Tsuyuhikari from Kirishima, Kagoshima. Perfect for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies or simply enjoying as a daily drink, our Matcha is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Treat yourself to a cup of the finest quality Matcha today!


★Premium Matcha

Our Premium Matcha was harvested at begging of May  and boasts a perfect balance of sweetness and astringency. Embrace the art of the traditional tea ceremony with our highest-grade Matcha powder. Sourced from extra care picked tea leaves, our Matcha offers an authentic flavor profile that is pure, fresh, and unforgettable. Experience the essence of Matcha with each sip and savor the natural goodness of this incredible superfood. Perfect for tea ceremony use, tea enthusiasts, health enthusiasts, and those seeking inner peace and mindfulness, our Matcha is a must-try.


★Regular Matcha

Our Matcha is a high quality ceremonial that was harvested in July, giving it a distinct little more astringent flavor and a darker green color compare to our premium Matcha. This Matcha is perfect for creating  Matcha lattes, where the rich flavor of Matcha is perfectly complemented by the creaminess of milk. It is versatile good enough to use in a wide range of recipes, both sweet and savory. Use it in bubble tea, ice cream, or as an ingredient in baked goods – the possibilities are endless!

  • specification

    Premium Matcha


    Sweetness ★★

    Astringent ★★★

    Bitterness ★★

    Aroma ★★★




    Sweetness ★★

    Astringent ★★★

    Bitterness ★★★★★

    Aroma ★★★


    50g per bag

    Type: Green Tea.

    Cultivar: Yabukita, Tsuyuhikari.

    Caffeine level: High.

    Region: Kawane, Shizuoka Japan.  Kirishima, Kagoshima Japan.


    Packaging: exterior package is stand up design, self-sealing zipper.

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