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Clear kyusu   澄 (Capacity 260ml)

Clear kyusu 澄 (Capacity 260ml)


The Clear kyusu is right weight, strong, easy to wash, and safe to use made by Tritan plastic.

This is functionable Kyusu.

You can see opening tea leaves  from the side of kyusu while brewing tea.  Clear kyusu comes with Wide and Deep tea strainer. This is enough space to expand tea leaves coming out flavour. Fine mesh tea strainer catch tea leaves.


● Heat-resistant temperature: 110 ℃

● Cold-resistant temperature: -20 ℃

Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: Tritan

Package: Individual Packaging

  • Demensions

    Demensions: 170 x127x86mm
    Capacity: 260 ml

  • specification

    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Material / component: Tritan

    No dishwasher/No microwave/ No oven

    Do not use over direct heat.


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