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Arita yaki kyusu Raku  楽 (Capacity 300ml)

Arita yaki kyusu Raku 楽 (Capacity 300ml)



This Arita yaki Kyusu Raku is made in Saga prefecture Arita region.

This kyusu has excellent functionalities.
1, It is easy to use and wash.
2, Deep and wide tea strainer has enough space to expand tea leaves releasing flavour.
3, Ultra-fine mesh tea strainer catch most of tea leaves. 
4, Easy to hold and pour. 

  • Arita yaki

    Arita yaki refers to porcelain manufactured in Arita region, Saga Prefecture. It has been widely used since the Meiji era. In the Edo period, it was called Imari ware.

  • specification

    Demensions      W17.8x D11.1x H9.0cm

    Capacity  300ml

    Country of manufacture: Japan(ARITA)

    Material / component: Pottery ・Stainless

    Package: Color Cardboard Box

    No dishwasher and No microwave.

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