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Honyama cha

Honyama cha


Introducing our exceptional Honyama cha, made from the first harvest of spring leaves. Moriuchi Tea Farm take pride in mixing several cultivars to achieve a balance of umami, sweetness, astringency, and bitterness, resulting in a uniquely delicious blend. Our specialty product hails from the Honyama region, with an 800-year history and is offered at a very reasonable price. Savor the flavors of this enjoyable mountain tea, crafted with care to bring you the best in Japanese green tea. 
Enjoy the richness of mountain-grown tea with our Honyama Sencha green tea.

  • Product Info


    Sweetness ★★

    Astringent ★★

    Bitterness ★★

    Aroma ★★

    Type: Green Tea.

    Cultivar: Mix.

    Caffeine level: Medium.

    Region: Honyama Shizuoka Japan.

    Produced by Yoshio Moriuchi.


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  • How to Enjoy

    🥄1Tsp 2g.

    🌡Temp 85℃, 185°F. 

    🍵 Hot water 150ml. 

    ⏰ Brew 1min. 

    👍 2 to 3 times brewing possible.


    You can arrange brewing method. For enjoying more Umami taste in tea, use lower temperature about 80℃ and longer brewing time about 1min 30 sec. Try brewing Honyama sencha multiple way and enjoy the taste.

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